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Shamwari appoints PMR Hospitality

The Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), owners of Shamwari, are committed to a significant repositioning of Shamwari Private Game Reserve (Shamwari) over the next 2 years. The intention is that Shamwari sets itself amongst the finest Luxury Safari Lodge operations in Africa and to this end ICD will be upgrading 4 of the Lodges, 2 in 2018 and 2 in 2019. Alongside the upgrading of the lodges, there is a need to set and achieve new standards across all areas of the operation to ensure that the Guest experiences are in line with the new positioning.

ICD has engaged PMR Hospitality Partners (PMR) firstly to identify the new Shamwari standar and Guest experience and secondly to set out a roadmap on how to achieve the required improvements throughout the Lodges by the time that each phase of renovations is completed.

This involves a combination of research, strategic advice and training, which has now started in earnest. Particular attention is being paid to the safari and food and beverage experiences.

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