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CAPE TOWN, South Africa. – PMR Hospitality Partners, a South African based award-winning full-service Hospitality Management and Advisory Company, is delighted to announce its merger with Valor Hospitality Partners which was formed by Euan McGlashan and Steve Cesinger, in Atlanta, USA in 2012.

PMR Hospitality Partners, formed in 2013 by co-owners and Managing Partners Tony Romer-Lee, Euan McGlashan, Michael Pownall and Graham Wood, have substantially grown the company on the African continent over the past 5 years and will now operate as Valor Hospitality Partners Africa.

Valor Hospitality Partners manage 40+ Hotel projects on 4 continents (North America, UK / Europe, Africa and Asia) with another 10 properties in the pipeline. Valor Hospitality Partners Asia most recently opened an office in Bangkok, Thailand. Valor share systems, processes, critical industry thinking and intellectual capital between senior executive staff and most importantly; global strategic leadership across the 4 continents. This unique offering makes Valor Hospitality Partners the most desirable purchase and ‘go to’ management company for Hotel owners.

Driven by pioneering world-class guest experience, a foundational employee culture & engagement, all wrapped in commerciality, Valor is committed to delivering strong owner returns.

With experiences ranging from small luxury boutique Hotels, game reserves, independent resorts and city Hotels, Valor has a diverse portfolio of exceptional properties.

Additionally, enjoying preferred management status and multiple international brand approvals to operate under franchise agreements – Valor is positioned to offer Southern African Hotel owners and developers’ significant commercial benefits via franchising rather than just brand operated or leasing.

Valor founder Euan McGlashan noted, “we all realized that joining forces globally made perfect sense and, in a business where multiple management companies exist yet none with our full-service strength, professionalism and abilities; merging was a massive win – win for both parties. Our perfectly aligned core values of integrity, courage, transparency and tenacity along with our combined owner-centric views of delivering award winning employee engagement & culture wrapped in a top and bottom line commerciality mindset, mean we could not be more pleased to have found a partner with such a strong cultural fit with a longstanding, highly regarded reputation in the hospitality industry.”

About Valor Hospitality Partners

Valor Hospitality Partners is a full-service Hotel acquisition, development, management and asset management company offering an array of services including site selection, product selection, entitlements, financing solutions, conceptual design, construction and project management, procurement, technical services, pre-opening management and operations management.  As a comprehensive services provider, Valor can be engaged to plan and oversee ground up developments, refurbish existing properties and assist ownership in positioning; specifically, as it relates to decisions on remaining independent, finding and securing a brand or in some cases re-branding and re-positioning through franchise or asset management. Valor also offers consulting services on a wide array of project scenarios including working with new or existing ownership groups on reviewing site selection, assessing feasibility studies & project budgets, compiling project budgets and underwriting.

Valor Hospitality Partners Africa, operates out of Cape Town and Durban, while Valor Hospitality Partners US, operates from offices in Atlanta and Memphis, Valor Hospitality UK/Europe operate from London and Valor Asia operate from Bangkok.

Valor Hospitality Partners is currently establishing a new office in Dubai (to serve the Middle East), further establishing a truly Global Company with a significant and diverse portfolio of assets as well as deep and meaningful relationships with all the International Hotel brands.

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